Google’s dance

29 Dec

Most of us heard the term Google dance from our seo, but what dose it mean? Basically it means that Google is moving sites around, changing their ranking. But this is not a random thing as most seo’s claim.

When google changes sites ranking, they have a lot to do. If it’s checking all the sites already ranked , or checking the ranking factors for each site (and there are a lot). This procedure takes time. How much time? Well, it could tke up to week or two. Just think checking all the ranking factors for every one of the millions of site the have on index.

So what dose this mean for you?

As I see it, this a good time to audit your seo. If Google puts you back where you where or even raises your ranking you doing well and you should keep doing what you have been doing so far. If they lowered your ranking it’s time to go to work. The most basic thing I recommend is to check the sites they have in the first page, and see what they have that you don’t.

From what I see most of the time it’s a matter of site structure and link profile. Those are the two areas that most seo’s miss. And in my opinion the reason that site structure dose not appear in the ranking factors lately is that it’s a no brainier. Of course you have to make sure your site structure is solid.

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