The one single thing you must know before you pay for seo!

03 Jan

As in any investment, before you sign up for seo there’s one thing you have to know. Is it going to return your investment? Seems to be a question anyone would ask, but it’s not. I’ve seen many businesses optimizing without checking the return on investment. Optimizing for phrases that have less then one hundred searches per month, or even worse not checking how many searches there are per month.

Just to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are a few things you need to check:

how much traffic are you looking for?

You have to understand that sales are always a fraction of a fraction. Lets say that to sell an item you need 10 people interested in it. And to get someone interested you need to approach 10 people. This puts us at 100 people for a sale, But it doesn’t end there. 70% of your visitors just want information, so that 100 visitors are only 30%. in short you need about 334 visitors to make a sale.

Of course this can be different for you, depending on your price and the product your selling. So if your trying to sell 100 products, you need 33,400 visitors. So the first think you need to check is if there are more then 33,400 searches for you keywords. You should make sure that the phrases your going after have at least 3 times what you need.

Make sure that you keep tabs on you conversion rate. Your conversion rate is the amount of visitors and the bottom line sales. Usually we’re looking for 3% to 7%.

sounds too little?

Seo lets you check what you conversion rate is, most advertising strategies do not. If you advertise on a newspaper, you don’t know what your conversion is. The newspaper is distributes in hundreds of thousands of copies. If you check that against the sales you have been making you will see that your conversion is about 1% or less.

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