Why pay an seo when you can do the work yourself?

07 Jan

Let’s be very clear about this. Yes you can do seo for your business yourself. Should you? That’s another matter. The real question is, do you have the time? Most people would say yes, but won’t your time be better spent doing things you know?

Search engine optimization is made up of hundreds of metrics. Metrics like how often you update your site, what key phrases you target and what dose you link profile look like. In this post I will do my best to show you what an seo dose when he starts working on a new site, so you will know the scope of the work you will have to do. I say do my best mainly because the work can differ from site to site, depending on the industry, work that has already been done on it and what your competitors are doing.

First steps

when I start working with a new site the first thing I check is it’s structure. I want to make sure there are as little redirects as possible. I want to make sure the site is flat (easy to crawl). that all the titles and descriptions are right. And that all the pages are canonicalized.

Then I move to the search engines. I want to see how many of the sites pages are indexed. What the ranks are for the top pages on the site. And how the engines see the raw text on each page.

Only then I check the phrases you want to optimize for. I check how much traffic each term could get in a given month. Who are you competitors for that term, and how mush work are they putting into their sites.

Time to go to work

yup that was just getting to know your site and industry, Now the real work begins. Now the focus shifts from you to your customer. I want to know what he’s looking for and where he hangs out. What forums he uses and what he complains about. What difficulties he has that you can help him with. After all getting him to your site is one thing but getting him to buy is another.

I check sites linking to you and what their metrics are, if they are not good I see how I can get rid of them and get better ones instead. I check the content on your site and how it helps your visitors understand what they get out of working with you.

This of course is just a short explanation of what the work demands and it’s not everything. So I ask you, do you have time to do it yourself?

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