aggressive marketing

21 Jan

If you want your customer to respect you, you will have to respect him as well. Some of the methods I see being used in todays marketing stratagies make me sick. I’ll give you a few examples:

using sound in delicate situations:

I heard this one from a college. He we working with a male clinic that was in the bussinuss of make labito. Their challenge was the visitors leave their site as soon as they get in. their bounce rate was almost 100%.

Try to understand the customers here. He won’t visit their site from home, his wife and kids can see the browser history. So he visits the site on his smartphone, not only that he dose it when he’s out of the house. Try to imagine surfing on your phone in the line of a quiet place, lets say a bank. That’s the one place you know people are lot looking at what your doing on your phone.

As soon as you enter the site, a spokesman come on and with a loud voice says “do you have a problem getting it up!?”. I don’t know about you, buy I would close my phone and run out of the bank, never to be seen there again.

This other one happened to me.

I surf facebook to see what’s new with my friends, and I see quite a few messages. Allways nice to get massages from my friends, makes me feel spesical. But instead of messages from friends I got 20 messages from spammer seo’s. The messages read something like this:

hello moshe, I am a master seo, bla bla bla. I’m the best I rock and so on. I have a million customers and I just might make some free time to talk to you. Did you take the time to read my profile, maby notice that i’m an seo as well. And why keep talkting about yourself? Tell me what I will get from working with you.

The one thing those two approches miss, is that your customer must feel at home with you. If he dosen’t he won’t buy. In most situations we sell products that require support or services that get really personal. If we start off aggressive what are we telling our customer? I want your money! That’s the only messge the customer gets from this kind of advertising.

Next time think before you invade you customer’s privacy.

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