You must earn your customer’s trust before they will buy from you

24 Jan

sadly it’s not uncommon for a site to advertise information and try to sell you products as soon as you reach the first page. This dose not look good, in fact some customers might feel cheated. But there is a way to use this to your advantage.

Be different and customers will remember you for it. Think of it, when you want to buy something you first want to know as mush about it as you can. Is the product good, what is the best price you can expect and who will give you the best support. You can show your customers that you are number one in everyone of those fields.

How can you do this?

Guide your customer and make his feel that he wants you. When a customer enters your site give him all the information he could want, don’t shower him but give him the basics so he knows what he’s getting into. Make the information clear and use a big font with a maximum of 15 words per line, as this makes the text look shorter and easier to read. Use as many pictures as you can to give your customer the option to imagine having the product.

Create a path for him to follow

at the end of the product description give two to three links to pages answering basic questions about the product. As well as testimonials and feedback, it’s also important to keep some of the negative feed backs to make the page look real.

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Posted by on January 24, 2015 in sales, traffic


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