Writing for both readers

31 Jan

have you ever heard of killing two birds with one stone? That’s what you have to do every time you write an article. What ever you write will be read by two readers, or two groups of readers. Humans and computers (or search engines).

Most seo think of the computer, making sure all the articles have at least 300 words. Adding tags and making sure it’s up to Google’s standards. But what about he human readers? If you site is number one but no one buys it’ not worth it.

The one thing we are expected to do as seo’s is make money for our customers. We can never lose sight of that, if we do will be out of the job. I’ve seen this happen, a customer paying more then he makes holds up for a few months but in the end (if he’s not stupid) he leaves.

Seo is not seo anymore

in today’s world you need to be more then an seo. You need to understand what makes people buy. In that regard you need to be a copywriter as well. And the list will just keep growing.

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