Sometimes you learn more from the wrong people

04 Feb

after learning seo I wanted to get some experience. So I decided to work for someone and learn the ropes. I know that after you learn something new, especially something like seo that changes so often you want to show off. I was a bit worried that I might look line a know it all. But I had to do something.

We had site that climb up the serps and fall like stones, For many reasons. We had structure problems, bad link profiles and non existent keywords. We had customers that where first in the serps but after checking the keywords I found out that there are only 70 monthly searches for that term. ( you can imagine that he was not getting his money’s worth)

we had customers that has 60% to 80% redirects in their sites. We had sites that had Hebrew urls. And just fixing those two problems the site jumped up the serps. My point is not to put that company down. My point is to show you, just as I have seen. That Google notices everything. And that instead of running put to get more links, sometimes you need to work a bit closer to home.

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Posted by on February 4, 2015 in things that don't work


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