Stop starting over

16 Feb

Perfection is killing more projects then it helps. I see this all too often, you start a new project and keep working on it making it better. But never actually letting it see the light of day. Let’s get one thing straight, you will never be able to predict what your customers want. So don’t try.

Keeping a project under wraps until you feel like it’s perfect will kill your business. On the other hand letting it out and not being able to handle criticizem will do the same. You need to have your customers tell you what they want. To do that you need to let out something that you think he wants. And asking him for his opinion.

My advise it to write your book, post, whatever. And leaving a place for feed backs from your customers. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone. One one hand you didn’t wait and publish your work, and on the other you got you target customers to tell you what they want.

That might not be perfect but it will get the job done.

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