How I got punished for being better, don’t let this happen to you!

24 Feb

For years I fixed computer, and I got pretty good at it. At one point I found a job in a company that allowed me to keep doing what I’m good at but also make some money from sales. Sounds perfect right? Well, not that much. after a few months I found myself doing my old job with no sales bonuses. How did that happen?

I gave my job as an employee 100% of my attention. Managers started noticing me and how efficiently i solve problems. As soon as one of the more experienced supporters quit his job, I was put in his place. That supporter didn’t sell anything so he didn’t care that his position dose not allow you to sell products. But for me that meant losing allot of money.

One again I found myself facing the hard truth. No one will look for your best interests but you. As nice as it is ho have a steady income, you can’t trust it. because someone will always come along and try to take it way from you. But if you have your own income on the side, that might just be the one thing that keep your heard above the water. After all, being right doesn’t pay the bills.

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Posted by on February 24, 2015 in things that don't work


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