Did Google stop using page rank ? And if so what does that mean for seo ?

01 Mar

Google’s page rank has been our way to know what Google thinks of your website. We don’t know all the metrics they use so this was some kind of estimation. But lately Google has not updated page rank, at least we can’t see the updates. I don’t if this is the end of page rank, but it might be the end of it being displayed on tool bars.

About a year ago Google stopped showing the keyword used to get to your site in Google analytics. This doesn’t mean they stopped checking. They keep it from seo’s because lets face it, spammer where going insane with the data. I’m talking about keyword stuffing and back linking from just about any site that would give them the option to post a link. This causes a lot of problems for Google. Yes, it’s a monster network. But all that power should not go to waist. Spamming can waist the crawlers time, don’t forget they crawl the entire net over and over again.

What does this mean for seo?

It means more guess work. It means stepping up our game. It means, stop spamming. The information Google used to give us would let us see how far we can push the line before we got punished. Now we have to play fair. Because if we don’t we will know it too late. W weather it means our site will be kicked of the index or drop like a rock.

Is page rank the only tool we have ?

Nope, we have domain authority, alexa, and the list goes on. True alexa is no that precise in every country. But cross referencing the information can give you a very good idea how your doing. Yes it’s more work, but we can notice things a computer program can never find. I can’t tell you how many times I found spam sites that a computer program missed. Programs go by metrics we can see the site and notice if it’s crap in a sec.

Bottom line is, white hat seo never had to worry about the changes Google makes. If you liked this post leave a comment and check out my article on the information you don’t see.

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