How a computer thinks, know Goggles reactions ahead of time

19 Mar

It’s been a while since I started working with computers. I remember my first computer was a commodore 128, dam that’s old. Combine that with the fact that I have to know a reason for everything happening around me. I got to the point that I understand how a computer “thinks”. I know computers don’t really thing but I’m talking about the output they give.

I have been fixing computers for the past 17 years. And I could see a computer I’ve never seen before and in a matter of seconds know, if the hard drive needed to be changed, if it’s a software problem or a hardware problem and if it’s worth fixing at all. It’s not just the experience. It’s a matter of understanding the process going on inside the computer.

When I started learning seo I saw that it’s the same with search engines. There are thing that seem trivial to us, but are very important to a computer. And make no mistake Google is a computer program.

How can you use this information to your advantage?

Computers are all about efficiency. So your site should have as little redirects as possible. Be sure that Google keeps tabs on the time it waists on you site if there are too many redirects. I saw a live demonstration of a site dropping three pages after it reached the 1st result all because it had over 50% of it’s pages redirect.

URL structure should be clean and the words should be separated by hyphens or underscores. Computers are not as smart as you are. If Google sees a bunch of words mix into one it will treat it as a word it dose not understand, and you lost the effect of using a keyword in your URL.

You need to treat a computer like you treat a child. It’s will not understand most of your commands so don’t expect it to. Instead try to understand it’s basic reasoning and you results will be awesome.

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