Sem the right way, don’t let a computer do a human’s job

28 Mar

search engine marketing or “sem” have changed that way we advertise for the better. We can reach a bigger audience and are much more focused with our results. But there so much to do. From finding the right keywords, finding our target audience, and merging the two to get out desired outcome.

Lately seo software has been appearing like mushrooms in a forrest to help us do our jobs. And some of it is really good. But it’s still software, and a computer will never really replace a human. I’m not telling you to ignore the software or not use it. I am however telling you that it has some limitations. One of the biggest limitations computer software has is recognizing quality. And this comes to play when checking link profiles.

By now we all know that Google is looking for quality links. And a quality link is a link from a site that is on the topic and is not Spam. When checking link profiles I like to use majestic. They have two metrics that help distinguish between quality links and Spam. They use trust and citation as a links score. Basically they look at how many links the site that links back to you has, and the quality of that site.

But even after using those metrics you can still find spammy sites. After checking the sites with the higher metrics you should always check them out and decide for yourself if you would except a link form them. After all you wouldn’t like it if someone with a bad reputation would recommend working with you. I mean what dose that say about you? Your site needs to be treated the same.

The main points I look for in a site linking back to mine are the footer and content. In the footer I look for relation between the links. If I see a footer that has links to fruit baskets, breast implants and computer chips (something that actually saw) I stay away from it. As for the content I read some of the sites content just to get a feel of it. Sometime site owners except content from writes that do not fully understand the language. If they except content like that what does that say about them? Those are also sites that I stay away from.

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