Is a keyword research really accurate? Does it really matter that Google analytics hides keyword information?

03 Apr

Lately I read more and more articles about Google analytics. Specifically how it hides information. And yes it does, but does it matter? I mean, with todays changes are we really focusing on the problem? I think not. What I look for, and Google has never been able to show me is searcher intent.

How the market is divided in my opinion

we all know that most of the visitors coming to our site from search engines are looking for information. But I think we miss the lazy factor. By that I mean the people using Google chrome witch is Google in every scene of the work. Everything they enter in the search field is considered a keyword, and corrupts the keyword data in my opinion.

This drives the conversion rate down. Don’t forget that Google is still a computer and can’t or will not sort out the searchers from the lazy people (I admits using this function myself so take no offense when I say lazy). In my opinion key word research should come right before you start writing your content. And not in the beginning to cut the work short.

Do you agree with me? I’d like to know. Leave a comment.

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