How to structure your url’s

06 Apr

I wrote a post about the way a computer thinks a few days ago. But I feel I must go into more detail about the structure of your url’s. I have seen proof that there are certain things a computer can easily understand, while other things just don’t sink in.

when building your site or blog, you tend to think of the human element. What would be easier for a human to understand ans type in the address bar. But what you may have missed is that people don’t type in url’s anymore, they just Google a subject. And sometime they Google url’s their already used to. One of my best friends has been known to go go Google and type in the search box “Google” true story. So your url is mean for the computer software.

How a computer sees the url?

The computer is not as smart as you might think. Most computers are as smart as your typical washing machine, on a good day. This means you have to be very specific and hand feed the software the information you want it to understand. This doesn’t just stop at url’s this is also true for titles, descriptions, content and so on.

So all the word play like 4u will not be understood. The software might think that your referring to a rock band or a movie. Instead just use basic words with hyphens. Another thing I found that works well is to use you profession at the beginning. So if you have a shoe store called easy feet. Try using And don’t forget to use keywords.

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