site metrics, what you should look for in a site the will link back to yours

09 Apr

Even after all the new algorithms Google has release, links are still very strong signals to the search engine. So how can you choose sits that will link back to you? Here’s a list of what I look for, hopefully this will help you.

You can look for random blogs and forums, that will get you some traffic. but you also need to look at your competitors. Majestic seo allows you to do that in a very simple way. they also break down the quality of sites with metrics of their own. They use trust flow and citation flow to tell the good sites from the bad. I take the highest quality pages and check them out for myself, the pages I want links from will also undergo a domain authority test.

The links I use will be added to an excel sheet so I can follow the rate in witch I get new links and to compare to other lists. The back linking sits also have sites linking back to them a quick way to find other quality sites. But just to make sure I don’t put needless effort in sites I already have links from I cross check the list with the list of my links.

I take the excel sheet with the list of my links and color it blue, and color the other lists red. then I combine them together to one list and alphabetize it.  This makes it really easy to find the duplicates. at witch point I have a new list of sites to go after. This will provide a virtually endless supply of back linking sites. I hope this post helps you. If you like it please share it with your friends.

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