What else is there? One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself.

12 Apr

Did you ever reach a point in witch you didn’t know how to continue? I’m guessing you did. We all have. At that point there’s one question the can help you find a solution better then anything else. What else is there? It sounds simple enough, but we don’t use it as often as we should.

Lets take for instance a product that just doesn’t sell anymore. It used to sell but for some reason it doesn’t anymore. It is a perfect starting point for any seo, because this is usually a new way to market the product and it could be marketed on the Internet.

I ran into something just like that a week ago. One of my friends told me that his mother is closing her store. She has a small baby clothes store and the sales have dropped so much that they seem to have completely stopped. This is a product easily sold on the net, it could be put up on ebay or she can open an online store. There are no limits to what she can do.

Next time when you run into a problem you can’t solve just ask yourself, what else is there?

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